Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What is a healthy diet for children?

A balanced diet consisting of a healthy diet is essential for growth and development of children. There are standard recommendations in calories and nutrients for children of a certain age. However, people who have children in your home to be aware of the eating habits of children. Most of the time, children tend to skip breakfast and are reluctant to eat healthy foods, but are hungry for fast food, soft drinks and low-calorie snacks. It is very important for parents and families to develop healthy eating habits in children - eating at the right time.

What is a healthy diet for children?

Children's diet should include a variety of foods to get all the necessary nutrients for a balanced diet. Note that the overall health and fitness of a child depends mainly on diet. Currently, child malnutrition and obesity are major problems in the world. Have a discussion about healthy diet should be part of a child's diet.

Carbohydrates are an important part of the diet of children. In fact, the most common source of energy and is essential for the storage and transport of energy. Carbohydrates are responsible for the proper functioning of the immune system and other development processes. Some portions of carbohydrate-rich foods that should be included are rice, wheat and maize. Bread and pasta can be included if they are what your children really.

The diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are good sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients. Another advantage of the fruits and vegetables that are low in fat and sodium. Studies have shown that the presence of a sufficient amount of fruit and vegetables could prevent certain diseases. It has been suggested that care for children 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day is good for children's health. The parts can be in the form of salads, fruit, desserts, etc. You can add fresh or dried fruits and vegetables when preparing smoothies and muffins, yogurt, and kids love to eat.

Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt should be included in the diet of children. Milk is rich in nearly all the nutrients such as protein, fat, calcium and vitamins and is also known as the ideal food. Calcium is important for bone health and dental health of children. Children's diet should consist of protein rich foods like fish, eggs, meat and vegetables. Proteins are required for the proper functioning of the body, muscle building and also a component of hemoglobin. Note that the iron-rich foods like flakes of live green leafy vegetables, and rice required to feed a baby.

We should add that fatty foods and fat, fast food, low-nutrient foods, carbonated beverages should be kept to a minimum. Parents should know their children's interests and involve buying vegetables, fruits and other items kitchen. They should know the preferences of their children, what they like and do not like the food. Children can be involved in the preparation of meals and try to make your favorite foods and recipes for a healthy and nutritious. It is important for children to enjoy the food, but make sure that food is safe and nutritious.